Thursday, December 02, 2004

Feminine Protection

Well, I came home from my OB/GYN appointment today with photos in my hand and a song in my little black heart. It has been more than three weeks since my first major surgery since the C-Sections that brought Matt and Sean into my life. It was an "endometrial ablation". If you need more info on it, ask Web M.D.. I wouldn't want to bore you with details.

Suffice it to say that with the disease I have (ITP, for "idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpurea"), I bleed a lot due to a lack of the clotting agents known as blood platelets. A woman of child-bearing years who hasn't started menopause and has this disease may have a monthly crisis. So, my GP Doc sent me to a new OB Doc. I thought that he would suggest a hysterectomy and I know so many women who hate their lives since that happened to them. Instead, he proposed the endometrial ablation. It is non-invasive, I'll still have PMS (poor Eric), but none of the nasty keep-me-home-in-bed-non-functional aspects of, what is for me, an abnormal menstrual cycle.

Surgery wasn't too bad. Hell, I was out for it! Recovery SUCKED! Hear that nurses at Sutter Coast (commonly known as "Cut 'Er Close")? Yeah, I was the surgical patient who you put in a room and forgot about? Left me there without even a call button, but insisted I let you know when I was ready to get up and pee... oh-kay. Had they got me up and moving I would have blown that popsicle stand at 6 p.m. Instead I ended up getting Eric up out of bed (worried sick, I might add) to come get me at 9:30!

Anyway... today the OB Doc says that they took photos of my innards before and after surgery, and he printed up two sets and gave me one! How thoughtful. I've got my Christmas card photo! He did say that my baby-making equipment is still in pretty good shape, though now that I've had this surgery, the baby-option is out. That, and the fact that my tubes were tied right after they yanked Sean out of me.

Now, here is the trick: I've spent the past week bitching at everyone, crying when I see certain commercials (Nexxium? WTF?!), and trying to quench this overwhelming craving for anything made with pasta or chocolate. Sounds like PMS to me, too. This is the time I usually start feeling uncomfortable. I let you know if the surgery was a success...


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