Friday, August 20, 2004

Dren Happens...

I've been watching a lot of Farscape. I love that series. It took awhile for it to grow on me, but having always loved Muppets, it was a pre-ordained love. I find it amusing that they have different words for "familiar" swear words. Isn't it true that one usually learns the swear words first in any new language? Ha! I won't print a compendium of them here, but I'm sure one exists somewhere. Suffice it to say, "dren" has an obvious meaning. "Frell" or "frull" seems to be a combination of "hell" and my favorite "f" word. I suppose that it doesn't matter what language one cusses in... they are still cussing, right? I'll never give up my evil, base language capabilities.

Well, all of this maundering about "dren" is due to my starting to bleed again. All of the stress of the past weeks has evidently made my platelet levels plummet. The nose bleeds are easy to keep control of: a little ice pack on the back of the neck and never moving without a partial roll of toilet paper in my hands seems to work. It is the female bleeding that really has me peeved. Four days? Yeah, that would be inconvenient but do-able. Even five days I could live with, but twelve!?! Frull that! I can't leave the house! I haven't been able to get out of bed for nearly a week without wrapping myself in maxi-pads. My wonderful Doctor Grossman has made me an appointment with a local OB/GYN. We'll see how that works and if he wants to pull the plug on my plumbing.


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