Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Keeping Up...

Well, here I realize that I haven't posted anything for a LONG time. After spending all of that time letting my folks and family know that they can figure out what is up and new with me by reading and *viola*, I don't post anything.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I'm here now, right?

Well, the Event was a HUGE success! 34 folks came, members of 14 teams of Geocachers. There were a total of nine physical caches to find and though I can't claim that it all went off without a hitch, everyone seemed happy.

The hitch: Waiting until the last minute to make photo copies of all of the cache printouts, so that participants would have to grab them and head out. I had so many other things going on, like last minute dialing-in of the cache placements, running around, grocery shopping, etc. - and I didn't think about going to the office supply store to get copies. Duh... Eric spent the first few hours of the event either at Ray's grocery store using their crappy copier, which crapped out before he got everything copied, or at home printing fresh copies on my poor, stupid copy/fax machine that jams and hardly ever works. I love him so much. He really gets pressed in my schemes, and doesn't always do it my anal way, but gets it done anyway.

Second duh: no chairs. All of this planning and I didn't think of where we would all sit or if there were tables to set things on, read: FOOD! Lucky for me that the WindSpirits team (thanks Betty and Larry!) brought their two barbeques and a big conference room-type table. What a lifesaver!

The down of that was that I had no chair to sit at MY little card table under the great shade canopy that I made sure we brought, so ended up signing everyone up in the SUN for an hour. If you don't know me, know this: I'm a pale, freckled REDHEAD. I got FRIED. My eyes are blistered. My lips are swollen. My scalp is scalded! I have a migraine from Hell due to my system shut down from Stupid Redhead in the Sun Syndrome. Yep, being a skin cancer patient, I should have planned for this. But, NO! That warm feeling I had wasn't everyone's love for me and all of the work I did, it was my body reacting to Old Sol.

Other than my personal pain, everything worked, in one way or another.
- Eric made his spagetti but it got there after everyone had eaten, so we've been eating spagetti since Sunday!
- The Jed's Friends series of caches were a hit, even if some of them took a committee to be found;
- My best-friend Dave showed up and watched folks go nuts about finding tupperware and ammo cans. He also stayed with me while everyone else was off running amok and kept me company. Thanks, Dave!
- All nine Jeep Travel Bugs were raffled. We even made an extra $15 from the sale of raffle tickets. I still have it. I'm wondering if the ACS will take such a small donation?

The biggest high for me was when I announced that this would be an annual event and everyone cheered! So, so cool!

Well, I'm back to my ice-pack...


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