Wednesday, July 28, 2004


So far today I have been mildly productive. I actually got dressed at a reasonable time, I read my paper and got out and got the errands done I needed to do.

I'm ticked that this one business I need to shop at is NEVER opened! You'd think that if you have enough invested with a store front to actually need to stay open on occasion. The problem is that, this is the only business in the area that sells ammo cans (for Geocaches), and without them, the Event I'm trying to put together will crash and burn.

I returned three movies, found out what forms I need to fill out for the Event and went by the Chamber of Commerce to see if they could put a notice on their events calendar.

I also talked to the editor of The Triplicate. I used to be a semi-columnist for them, the column being "Web Threads", or Stories from the Internet. I got the go-ahead to write this piece about Bookcrossing from the paper's publisher, and she promised she'd put in a good word for me. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to hold any water with this guy. He told me to go ahead, and in the vein of J. Jonah Jamison, I should take that as a resounding POSITIVE, or not. I DO have to re-write the piece to make no mention of the publisher, who just released her newly published first book. That sucks, too. It was kind of a pivot point for the article.

Oh, and I updated the Beauty With Attitude "news" page. It was surprising that it has been six months since I last updated it. Especially when I saw that I had written that "Hellboy" would be released in theaters in a few weeks, and it just came out on DVD yesterday! Yeah, I suck, too. Hell, it's done and that's what matters.


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