Sunday, August 01, 2004

Revised Score

The score is now Men: 1/Mouse: 0!
That isn't necessarily a good thing, though. As posted yesterday, the boys got seriously busy tearing toys out of their closet and search for aforementioned rodent. After they had pulled every single toy (and this alone is an enormous task -spoiled brats) out, they heard chewing behind them... at Matt's dresser! That got another flurry of fly toys dispersed. The mouse ran back into the closet. As he did, Matt dropped a box full of toys on the furred menace. They called Eric in to make sure that they had it trapped and the little desparado was on his back, kicking up his back legs and had his tongue hanging out. Eric scooped it up in an old coffee can, and since I was on a business call and unaware of their hunting success, he hung the mouse from the tail in front of my nose.

Much to my credit, I didn't scream, cry or use foul language. No. I calmly requested that he get it out of my face. I remained calm until I got off the phone. Even though this is a no-holds-barred (cussing allowed) blog, some of the epithets I spewed were so creative that I want to get them trademarked and copyrighted before I release them in text on the rest of the world. Yep, that good.

The big question remains: Was that the only mouse? Inquiring minds and my renter's insurance company want to know.

On another note, we drove to Lake Selmac in Southern Oregon to attend the JARS-ORCA Amateur Radio club's potluck and swap meet. I even got up early (9 a.m.!) to go. I was conjuring excuses why I couldn't spend an afternoon visiting with old men and discussing radio with young nerds in 100+ degree heat, when Eric came in and told me that Marci and Don Campbell of the Humboldt Radio Club were heading to the same function. I was thrilled! I adore Marci (and Don's is pretty amusing, too), and she and I need to stick together since we are the only two female Amateur Radio Club Presidents that WE have heard of. Solidarity!

By the time we hit the Oregon border, though, the Campbells were already heading back. Huh? They asked if they could buy us lunch at Taylor's Sausage in Cave Junction. Of course! We met them there and Eric ate a sandwich (all the while looking at Don's huge slice of dill pickle and asking him, "Are you gonna eat that?"), and the boys had ice cream. I had a water (I lose my appetite in the heat). We had a VERY enjoyable conversation. There are few people in the world that I could just talk to forever: My Mom is the first that comes to mind, then my best friend Dave, and now I must add Marci to that list. She is intelligent, amusing and just plain fun. After we continued on our way to Lake Selmac, Eric and I decided that we MUST invite them both to a barbeque at our house soon.

At the picnic/potluck/swap meet, there was the usual assortment of hams (most of them much older than Eric and myself), their wives and the single nerds. It was a nice place to have a get-together like this, and the weather really wasn't too bad. It was 87 degrees when we got their and under the canopy it was pleasantly breezy. There was a new huge play area nearby for the boys to play on, too. However, one of the main reasons I could never live anyplace like this: WASPS/HORNETS/BEES/FLYING ANTS were everywhere. I HATE that. They get into the food, and you can't leave your soda can unattended without getting a mouth full of stingers. My kids aren't used to them and so they freak out. Bring me back when it is cooler and the critters are hibernating. Next year maybe we could have it at the coast?

It was still fun. We bought our share of raffle tickets, won a little car as a door prize and Eric bought an antenna. Then, Johnny Jones GAVE him about twenty more used antennas! Yikes. Oh, and my best friend Dave was there. He was pretty burnt out from his recent trip along the Lost Coast, but I always enjoy his company.

We followed Dave home and he took us by way of the one-lane little-known short cut that avoids the 199 and seven miles of Caves Highway to his house. I saw cache hiding spots everywhere! Then we kept going up Caves Hwy to Little Greyback and retrieved the "Gone Bughouse" Geocache that we placed their Oct. of 2001. It had only seven hits in that time, so we'll recycle it. We stopped briefly at Dave's, found another cache on the way back to the 199, had dinner at Taylor's and drug our happy, warm butts home.

Is it bedtime yet?


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